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Cheseboro and Palo Comado Canyons

Ranking :
County : Los Angeles
City : Agoura Hills
Terrain : Canyon
Difficulty : Difficult
Camping : No
Fishing : No
Historic : No
Length : 11.00 miles
MountainRange : Santa Monica Mountains
TrailType : Loop
Access : Dogs Allowed, Family Friendly
Water : Creek
Exposure : Trees and Shady Areas - A fair amount
Description :
This hike features beautiful rolling foothills filled with native grasses and large oak trees throughout. The park is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and as such, you'll find the trails here are well maintained. This area is VERY popular with mountain bikers so keep the kids close and give these riders a wide berth in which to pass. The hike starts by heading north through the Cheseboro Canyon, then back down Palo Comado Canyon. There are several shady areas in the Cheseboro canyon, which is in contrast to the relatively exposed Palo Comado Canyon. At the north end of Chesebro you'll find (well, first you'll smell) the Sulphur Springs which really aren't that much to look at, but worth noting. From there, continue north to the Sheep corral trail and make a left (head west) to link up to the Palo Mado Canyon Trail. There's a great photo opportunity at juncture of these two trails. Head south down the canyon all the way to the connector trail. From there you'll head east to the Model Spur trail which leads back to the parking lot. Within the park you'll find mule deer, squirrels, birds and other wildlife. The highlights of this hike are the big picturesque views you get of both canyons as you get to the higher elevations. A word of caution, this is a long hike at nearly 12 miles and can be difficult even with cool temperatures. In the summertime, this hike can be downright brutal especially when coming back down the Palo Comado Canyon trail where there is virtually no shade and no water to be found. It's best to tackle this hike in the winter and spring months when the temperatures are cooler. You can also cut off about 6 miles off this hike by taking the Ranch Center connector trail about half way up cheseboro Canyon which will link you right into the Palo Comado Canyon trail. Make sure you checkout the GoogleMaps link below and switch the view perspective to "Earth" so you can familiarize yourself with the trail system.

Directions :
Getting there: From the 101 exit on Cheseboro and hea